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Due to increased reports we received regarding travelers being scammed by local hustlers on Tirana bus station, PLEASE buy tickets only ONLINE ,or in OSUMI travel agent offices or in the Old Town Travel bus , for OFFICAL bus line that goes every day at 8 AM. All other options are SCAM which cost more and start at later hours of day.

Starting from 1st April 2016 traveling between Montenegro and Albania will be much easier. The only direct bus that goes from Kotor to Tirana will be operating every day making the trip shorter,safer and just one click away from you.
Old Town Travel LTD which runs daily bus line from Kotor to Tirana is pleased to be at your service. With this company as well you will be able to travel directly from Budva to Tirana with drop off in Shkoder if you need. Passengers from Podgorica will also be able to travel directly to Tirana.
Daily bus line operates as well from Tirana via Shkoder to Podgorica, Budva and Kotor.
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